Francesca DiGiorgio
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Francesca is a Research and Communications Intern with Food Tank. She has also been conducting outreach for a citywide composting initiative on behalf of the Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability in New York City. Francesca’s experiences working in the food access and sustainable agriculture industries have informed her decision to pursue a Masters in Public Health at Cornell University in Fall 2020. She plans to focus her studies on food security and farmland conservation planning and policy. In her free time, Francesca enjoys hiking, watercolor painting, and visiting the llama farm outside her hometown in Upstate New York.

Feeding America’s Kids During COVID-19

Faced with nation-wide closures in response to COVID-19, school authorities and partners are stepping up to feed the 30 million children depending on school food service each day.

Over 50 Organizations Urge Congress to Prioritize Small, Mid-Sized Farms for COVID-19 Relief

An open letter to congress signed by 54 organizations calls for stimulus funding for small farms and farm workers in response to COVID-19.

New Entrepreneurship Initiative Helps Empower Women Farmers in the Philippines

Value-added products of coconut processing provide a critical source of income for women farmers and their families.

Nonprofit Teaches Seed Saving To Restore Farmers’ Food Sovereignty

Farmers can strengthen their resilience to climate change by savings seeds that are adapted to the environmental conditions of their region.