For Climate Change, the American Farmer is the Sleeping Giant

American corn farmers are a major group still skeptical of climate change and have been largely unharmed by it so far. This could change in the near future, bringing new force and an unlikely ally to the fight against climate change.

Fighting Food Waste over Labor Day Weekend

Residents of New York City will waste 11 million pounds of food over Labor Day Weekend, while 1.4 million New Yorkers remain food insecure. Fortunately, there is enormous potential to recover that food, according to Food Tank and ReFED.

Tuning in to Farmers’ Water Needs: Radio broadcasts aid Malawi irrigation efforts

Farm Radio Trust’s is organizing farmer “listening groups” and developing local radio broadcasts on agricultural development issues in Malawi, a country in East Africa.

Children Join the Fight Against Food Waste with Ugly Fruit and Veg

Jordan Figueiredo writes about introducing fun, character, and nutrition-filled “ugly” produce in schools or at home, making it more fun for children to eat healthy fruits and veggies.

Re: Response to Tim Wise on Malawi Seed Policy

In response to the recent op-ed by Timothy Wise: Did Monsanto Write Malawi’s Seed Policy? Supply K. Chisi, Business Officer at the Seed Trade Association of Malawi responded to Food Tank.

Eating City’s Call to Action

This year’s Eating City speakers took a deep dive into various institutional problems facing the food system, such as city procurement, health and wellness in schools, and food waste.

Trade Barriers Aren’t the Way to Fix Nutrition

Joe Glauber argues that discriminating against the origin of certain foods is not likely to improve global diets, and policies for healthier eating are better targeted at consuming the right kinds of foods.

Did Monsanto Write Malawi’s Seed Policy?

Malawi’s new draft seed policy, crafted in part by a Monsanto official, defines ‘seed’ as one that is quality certified, overriding the common cultural understanding of the term seed, and preventing local farmers from selling or displaying farm-saved seed at local seed fairs.

Healthy Food: the New Nextdoor Neighbor

Young Female Farmers Mobile Produce uses food to unify communities, cutting across age, income, and cultural differences.

Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Could Mean Prime Waste

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods has the potential to have a ripple effect across the grocery industry, affecting our food chain from farm to landfill. And one big area this new partnership could shape is combating wasted food.