Talk About Food Should Be Uncomfortable, “But It Has to Be Kind”

    On Food Talk, Washington Post columnist and James Beard Award-winning writer Tamar Haspel talks about her unconventional writing and its platform for cross-camp dialogue about hunger.

    Regenerative Farming Practices Are Rooted in African American History

    On Food Talk, Leah Penniman, co-founder of Soul Fire Farm, talks about what justice should look like for farmers and people of color, whose ancestors faced massive injustices in the past.

    For Migrant Farm Workers, “There’s No End to the Organizing That Needs to Be Done”

    On Food Talk, FLOC founder and President Baldemar Velasquez tells how migrant farm workers surmount harsh conditions as a union of families.

    Planetary Stewardship, Good Health, and Good Taste for a Healthy Diet

    On Food Talk, Dr. David Katz shares how his THI and DQPN are bringing common sense health knowledge to the fore, battling uncommon sense health practices in its way.

    To Change Agribusiness, “We’ve Got To Do it With the Farmer”

    This week on “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” Jim Perdue, the Chairman and Advertising Spokesman of Perdue Farms, talks with Danielle while at the 20th Annual Niman Ranch Hogfarmer Appreciation Weekend.

    Five New Ingredients for Health: Starting with Food

    On Food Talk, Dr. Robert Graham combines ancient wisdom and traditional therapy with conventional methods in integrative medicine. The first step to healing? Fresh food.

    Niman Ranch Farmers Work Sun Up to Sun Down: For the Love of Pigs

    On Food Talk, Paul Willis, founder of Niman Ranch Pork Company, and Elle Gadient, intern at Niman Ranch, talk about their love for humanely treated, free-range pigs and the farmers that raise them.

    “Time Has Been Taken Out as an Ingredient in Bread”

    At The Bread Lab, breeders, PhD students, community members, bakers, chefs, millers, maltsters, and distillers come together to develop good grains and better bread.

    To Protect the Planet, “We Need Significant Behavior Change” in Dietary Health

    On Food Talk, Fabrice DeClerck plots out the changes needed in the food system to improve the planet’s wellbeing. The first step: improve dietary health.

    Egger Overturns Leadership with Rock and Roll

    At L.A. Kitchen, Robert Egger moves past the typical food pantry idea to help sustainably prepare for the incoming wave of poorer people: older generations.