Amy Martin
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Amy Martin is a freelance writer, digital content strategist, and intern at FoodTank. She previously worked as an associate at Keybridge Communications, a public relations firm in Washington, DC, where she wrote, edited, and led earned media campaigns. Prior to Keybridge, Amy received her BA in English and American Literatures at Middlebury College.

College Students Recycle Waste into Sustainable Fertilizer for Rural Farmers

Five college students won $5,000 at this year’s @WegePrize for their plan to recycle waste into sustainable fertilizer. The group projects that their organic fertilizer will cut costs for rural farmers by 35 percent.

Women Excluded from COVID-19 Hunger Crisis Relief, Report Shows

Among the COVID-19 relief plans CARE reviewed, 34 documents ignored women and girls entirely. Just five proposed actions to address gender inequality.

Study Says Wild Crops Can Bolster Food Access in Arid Climates

A recent study suggests reintroducing wild crops to bolster food security, restore local ecosystems, and improve community health in desert regions.