10 Food Policy Questions We Want Answered From the 2016 Presidential Candidates

These are the 10 food policy questions that every 2016 presidential candidate needs to answer.

Improved Crop Storage Bags Can Improve Harvests and Incomes

PICS Bags, developed by Purdue University, are proving useful for insect-free crop storage in sub-Saharan Africa.

Mexico’s Soda Tax May Offer Solutions for the Country’s High Obesity Rate

Nations around the world are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see how Mexico’s soda tax will weather before rejuvenating legislation at home.

The Eat Think Vote Campaign Wins a National Food Policy for Canada

The Eat Think Vote campaign prompts the conversation for a national food policy in Canada.

A Diet Change to Fight Climate Change: Eat More Pulses

Find out what small diet change each of us can make to combat climate change.

What’s the Buzz? Media That’s All About Agriculture

These media sources from around the world explore food, agriculture, and sustainability.

The 2016 Food+City Challenge Prize: Innovation Within the Urban Food System

Finalists in the Food+City Challenge will compete for US$50,000.

Who Really Runs America? According to Richard Manning, Industrial Agricultural Has the Final Say

Richard Manning's latest article in Harper's Magazine reveals how politics are powerless to the demands of industrial agriculture.

How Bananas are Helping One Farmer Achieve His Dreams

Bananas have always been a big part of Japhet Bizimungu’s life.

New Law Could Change France’s Food System for the Better

French Parliament has voted in favor of a law that could revolutionize their food system.

Bringing More Than Just Food to NYC Neighborhoods

Just Food describes their organization’s efforts to build a stronger, more just food system in NYC.

Livestock Diversity is Crucial for Future Food Security on a Harsher Planet

Modern ways of farming animals are hurting livestock diversity.

Women We Love: 25 Influential Women in Food and Agriculture

This list highlights 25 powerful women in food and agriculture across the world.

Two Birds with One Stone: Fighting Both Food Waste and Hunger is expanding their network to reduce both food waste and hunger.

Understanding food waste, hunger, and climate change with John Mandyck

John Mandyck discusses his new book, connections between climate change, food waste, and hunger, and the role of the cold chain with Food Tank.

Eliminating Toxic Pesticides from Our Food and Environment

Beyond Pesticides is bringing pesticide policy reform to Washington, D.C.

Building a Farmer-Centered Movement for Seed Biodiversity

The Bauta Family Initiative for Canadian Seed Security puts farmers at the center.

10 Farmer Training Programs Helping Veterans Heal

Programs across the country are helping veterans transition to a new, productive life working in food and agriculture.

Farmer Spotlight: Jackie Prell Farms With Future Generations in Mind

If she could, Jackie Prell would make all food organically, like it was 100 years ago.

Weighing in on Campus Food Waste

Willamette University organized an event demonstrating campus food waste.

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Military Conflicts Threaten to Undermine Battle Against Rural Poverty

The ongoing battle against rural poverty is in danger of being undermined by a growing number of insurgencies and political upheavals – mostly in Africa.

Des Moines Register

Time for a Free-Pioneer Movement?

Maybe its time for a free-Pioneer movement, in the hope that an independent Pioneer can again demonstrate that serving the needs of farmers, and society as a whole, is good for business, for Iowa’s farmers, and maybe even the planet.


It’s Easy—But Wrong—to Blame Supermarkets for Food Deserts

There are many reasons why low income shoppers have different buying habits—and the USDA study suggests that price has little to do with it.

Food Tank Webinar: Feeding 9 Billion People Within Planetary Boundaries

​In case you missed it, Food Tank hosted a webinar with Michiel Bakker, Director of Global Food Services at Google.

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Q&A with Food Tank Founder and President, Danielle Nierenberg

Nierenberg is the driving force behind a new report released by Food Tank on The Real Cost of Food and the other work that the organization does.

Food Tank Webinar: The ABCs of the GMO Debate: Do we really need GMOs to feed the world?

Author, educator, and activist, Anna Lappe, presents on the GMO debate in Food Tank’s webinar series.

Food Tank Webinar Series: The Real Cost of Cheap Chicken

Food Tank hosted a webinar with Oxfam American on the #LivesontheLine campaign.


20 Inspiring Women Who are Changing the Way We Eat

Danielle Nierenberg was nominated and selected as one of the top 20 women changing food.

Miami Herald

More than 500,000 South Floridians Face Food Insecurity

More than 500,000 South Floridians experience food insecurity — a term that refers to limited access to nutrition due to lack of money or other resources — according to Feeding South Florida’s 2015 “Map the Meal Gap” study.


Not Such a Value: The High Cost of Cheap Food

A cheeseburger, fries and large drink may only cost you a few bucks at the drive thru, but experts say the cost of that fast-food meal is far greater than its price tag.

Food Tank Webinar Series: Crowd Feeding with Amp Your Good

Food Tank’s Exclusive Webinar Series featured Patrick O’Neill, CEO and Founder of Amp Your Good.

Food Waste: Managing a Solvable Problem at the Food, Water, and Energy Nexus

This installment of Food Tank’s Exclusive Webinar Series features Dana Gunders and Sarah Vared.

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