Crowdfunding For Food: 15 Kickstarter Campaigns Worth Supporting Right Now

Check out 15 food-related Kickstarter campaigns that we love!

Reducing Postharvest Loss on the Ground: Interview with Noel Valentin Mulinda

Noel Valentin Mulinda sits down with us to discuss how postharvest technologies are helping Rwandan farmers achieve higher yields.

Under the Mango Tree: New Documentary on Food Program for the Mentally Ill in Ghana

Under the Mango Tree is a forthcoming film about how food repaired the relationship between the mentally ill homeless and the citizens of Tamale, Ghana.

Making the Factory-Farmed Chicken Obsolete: Hampton Creek Foods Suggests A Replacement for the Egg

New sustainable food business Hampton Creek Foods is building a company around simple replacements for the egg.

Celebrating Seasonality and Strengthening Culture

Seasonality and geography are what give a cuisine authenticity.

Five Ways to Make Agriculture Innovation Better Serve the Needs of Women Farmers

The Gender in Agriculture Partnership aims to close the gender gap in agriculture to improve food security, livelihoods, and development.

Ten Young People Who Are Changing the Food System

These 10 young entrepreneurs from around the world are changing the way we grow, prepare, consume, and think about food.

Hemp Is Not Just For Smoking, It Can Help The Environment And Create Jobs

US industrial hemp production is on the rise and it might be good for the environment and our kitchen tables.

Crops of the Past—and the Future

Perennials are growing all around us—in fields, forests, and grasslands—creating more substantial yields and more resilient food systems.

New Think.Eat.Save Tool to Prevent Food Waste

Think.Eat.Save Guidance presents national and regional scale solutions to preventing food waste and loss.

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WEBINAR: The Need for Dietary Diversity with Speakers from AVDRC - The World Vegetable Center

Speakers from the World Vegetable Center will join Food Tank to host an exclusive webinar on dietary diversity.

Food Tank will host the fifth webinar in its Exclusive Webinar Series on Tuesday, August 5th, entitled “The Need for Dietary Diversity.” Featuring an expert panel of representatives from AVDRC - The World Vegetable Center, the webinar will take place from 7:00pm until 8:00pm.

Design Students, Activists Collaborate to Create Sustainable Food Emojis

Thanks to efforts by designers and activists at the Sustainable Food Iconathon, advocates of the sustainable food movement, as well as family farmers and local food producers, now have 19 new icons to help them compete with big corporations’ marketing strategies.

Grow Asia: New Initiative to Tackle Agricultural Problems

Grow Asia initiative to bring stakeholders together to address food security concerns in Southeast Asia.

The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Secretariat initiated the Grow Asia partnership this May to develop new market-based solutions to food security concerns.

From Campus to Community: Chicago Students Embrace Waste Reduction

Colombia College and Loyola University students have both assembled composting programs in order to effectively reduce the amount of waste created.

Students on two Chicago campuses, Colombia College and Loyola University, have started sustainability programs that involve the use of composting not only on campus but around their local communities as well. Through the use of grants, students have been able to promote sustainability not just on their campus but around Chicago as well.

Women Are Sowing the Seeds of Food Security in Kyrgyzstan

Women farmers in the Kyrgyz Republic produce organic herbs for international markets.

Women are carefully cultivating a growing agricultural industry in Kyrgyzstan thanks to a WFP food-for-assets program. After receiving training and support from WFP and its partners, these women are growing high quality organic produce and herbs not just for their local communities but for European markets as well.

Food Tank

WEBINAR: Farms of the Future with Jerry Glover

Jerry Glover spoke about perennial agriculture and farms of the future during Food Tank's Exclusive Webinar Series, listen to the recording here.

Mapping the Circular Nature of Conflict and Food Insecurity in Arab Countries

A workshop on conflict and food insecurity in Arab countries welcomes the launch of Arab Spatial 2.0, a new development mapping tool.

A workshop exploring the circular nature of political conflict and food insecurity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region welcomes the launch of Arab Spatial 2.0, an open access mapping tool that will help policymakers and development practitioners craft more effective anti-poverty and anti-hunger policies.

August in New Orleans: Second Annual Farm to Table International Symposium

The Farm to Table International Symposium (F2T) theme is “The Process,” which will examine the agricultural-culinary cycle at all levels.

The second annual Farm to Table International Symposium (F2T), an event featuring the brightest thought leaders and leading practitioners in the farm-to-table movement, will occur this year from August 2-4 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Fighting Poverty in Zanzibar by Feeding School Children

HGSF is fighting to bolster rural economies and alleviate by providing nutritious, locally grown meals to students.

Home Grown School Feeding is a recently launched program in Zanzibar that aims to alleviate poverty and bolster the local economy by providing nutritious, locally grown meals to school children.

Popeye’s Favorite Indigenous Crop: Malabar Spinach

It is believed that the consumption of malabar spinach has positive effects in populations at risk of vitamin A deficiency.

Malabar spinach, Malabar nightshade, or boroboro is an edible vine that is found in curries and vegetable dishes across the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia. This so-called spinach has a juicy and crisp crunch, flecked with tastes of citrus, pepper and full of nutrients.

Video: Edible Institute: The Future of Food Service

Panel with Danielle Nierenberg, Brad Nelson, Anne McBride, and Jeffrey Zurofsky on The Future of Food Service at the Edible Institute.

Food Hero: Sibella Kraus, Regional Food Leader Winner of the Growing Green Awards 2014

Sibella Kraus carried out various influential projects and initiatives that have been recognized by the jury of the Growing Green Awards.

Sibella Kraus is a strong and influential advocate for integrating agriculture with the urban fabric. Her various game-changing projects and initiatives have been recognized by the jury of the Growing Green Awards.

Become a Revolutionary—Grow Your Own Food!

Grow your own food. Change the system. Become a food revolutionary!

How do we change the food system as individuals? Isn't the system too big and too bad for just one person to fight against? Here at the Grow Your Own Food Summit, we say that you can make difference through the simple act of growing a single plant. Read on to discover how you can become a food revolutionary!

Hungry for Change in Latin America and the Caribbean

Family farmers produce the majority of food for local consumption in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Across the region of Latin America and the Caribbean family farming accounts for 80 percent of all holdings. In honor of the IYFF, during the 33rd FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean governments focused much of the conversation on developing action plans to further invest in supporting family farmers and tackling issues of poverty and food insecurity.

VIDEO: The Stinkin’ Truth About Garlic

This video traces garlic's superfood status through history, from the construction sites of Ancient Egypt to the battlefields of World War II.

The newest How Does it Grow? episode takes viewers to Christopher Ranch, the largest garlic producer in the U.S., to tell the story of how garlic grows, from seed to harvest and on to processing.

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