Restaurants Taking Charge and Making Change

Restaurants have an important role to play in building food access, food skills, and education and engagement through food.

Echoing Green Fellows: Meet the Next Generation of Food System Leaders

2015 Echoing Green Fellows are tackling global problems with innovative, local solutions.

Harvesting the Research: Ecological Intensification Can Feed The World

Dr. Brian Petersen discusses the necessity for an agricultural paradigm shift toward truly sustainable practices.

To Attract Young Farmers, Offer Financial Support

A new House Bill proposes to forgive student loans of those pursuing a career in farming.

The Hunt for Alphabet Veggies Brings Kids Closer to Produce

Have you ever seen an alphabet made out of fruits and vegetables? Me neither. With your help, that’s about to change.

15 Ways to Donate 15 Dollars to Build Food Justice Right Now

Food Tank highlights 15 ways to donate US$15 to a more just food system.

The Land Battle: 15 Organizations Defending Land Rights

Here are 15 organizations protecting farmers and their communities against land grabs.

Food Security After Ebola

In the wake of the Ebola outbreak, West African countries turn to face their next challenge: food security.

Michel Nischan: James Beard Foundation Humanitarian of the Year

Chef Michel Nischan was honored by the James Beard Foundation as the 2015 Humanitarian of the Year.

Real Food Media Releases 12 Stunning, New Short Films

Real Food Media just released 12 new, inspirational short films about sustainable food and farming, and you can watch all of them in under an hour.

Fast Food Workers Achieve US$15 Minimum Hourly Wage in New York

Fast food workers in New York will earn a minimum hourly wage of US$15.

Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope in Southwest Florida

The Harry Chapin Food Bank of SWFL is provides rescued food and services to the community through its many programs and partnerships.

Roots: The Capacity To Be Extraordinary

Hear how seaweed has potential to change the world and how trash is a global food waste scandal at the third annual Roots conference this September.

Fighting for Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice in Minnesota

The Minnesota Food Association helps train farmers in more sustainable organic farming practices to build a sustainable food system in Minnesota.

Building Healthy Land, People, and Communities Throughout Nebraska

The Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society brings together a diverse membership to promote local, sustainable agriculture and better eating practices.

Save Our Soils

Food Tank discusses what each of us can do to protect soil health with Michaël Wilde from the Save Our Soils campaign.

Dig INto Indiana’s Local Food Scene with Rob Gaston

Rob Gaston discusses how to strengthen local food systems in this interview with Food Tank.

Working Together to Feed Mississippi

Mississippi Food Network’s programs are feeding hungry children in the community.

Mumbaikars Innovating with Space: 10 Urban Agriculture Projects in Mumbai

Urban agriculture projects in Mumbai, India, make use of balconies and terraces.

Michael Berger Wins the Organic Trade Association’s Rising Star Award

Michael Berger wins the Rising Star Award for his pioneering work at Elevation Burger.

Calling all Farmers! Be Featured in Food Tank’s Farmer Spotlight Series

Food Tank invites YOU to participate in our new farmer spotlight series.


The James Beard Foundation and Food Tank are accepting suggestions for the 2015 Good Food Org Guide which will highlight exemplary nonprofit organizations.

Food Tank Webinar Series: Food as Medicine with Dr. Robert Graham

Dr. Graham’s presentation will explain how we can use our food as medicine.


GM Debate Reaches Deadlock

Opinion on genetically modified foods remains divided, but can such agricultural technology help to avoid widespread and imminent famine?

Food Innovation Program

Michiel Bakker, Steven Gedeon, and Danielle Nierenberg Talk Good Food and Good Practices

The conversation was a dynamic wave of ideas that spanned from technology in food and challenges within our current food system to entrepreneurship and the power of innovation.

New Platform Launched by FAO to Support Family Farmers Worldwide

The new Family Farming Knowledge Platform launched by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization provides information on family farming around the world for policymakers and researchers.

USA Pavilion 2015

Danielle Nierenberg Recognizes the Invisible Sisterhood of Women Farmers

Nierenberg sheds light on an important aspect of food security that we, as consumers and participants in the food chain, often overlook: women.

Daily Times Nigeria

The Rising Profile Of Urban Farming

Urban gardening takes place all over Berlin, Germany, including between the runways of the legendary Templehof airport and on a site where the Berlin Wall once stood.

Projects Emphasize Open-Source Technology and Data for Agriculture

Open Ag Toolkit and FarmBot are democratizing small-scale solutions for farm management through open-source models.

Food Tank Webinar Series: Four-Season Farming with Clara Coleman

Coleman presented on “Four-Season Forward: Bringing Four-Season Farming to the Next Generation.”

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