How Rice Farmers in Africa Can Point Us Out of California’s Water Crisis

California's drought is one of the worst in history; however, smallholders in Africa and Asia may provide some solutions.

New Report Finds Life-Changing Partnerships in the Global Food Chain

A new report released by The Chicago Council shows making nutrition a global priority could give billions more people access to healthy foods.

Fizzling Controversy: Soda Tax South of the Border

The numbers are in on Mexico’s soda tax. Can the United States follow suit?

The Business Case for Ugly Produce

As the business case for ugly produce builds, will U.S. grocers grab this low-hanging fruit or leave it to rot?

Yes! We Can Change the Food System

The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) Young Earth Solutions! (YES!) program was established to encourage young people to develop innovative solutions.

Japanese Eels Face an Uncertain Future

The Japanese eel is on the edge of extinction. Issues of science and politics will determine if they survive.

“Together-We-Can”: How India’s Banni Buffalo Support Pastoral Activism

The Breeders’ Association facilitated collaboration with buffalo breeders and scientists to secure national breed recognition for the Banni Buffalo.

Slow Food DC Snail of Approval Award Winners Announced

Slow Food DC has announced the 2015 winners of the Snail of Approval Award and will host a party in their honor on April 18.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Recipe for Disaster?

The Obama administration’s negotiations with multinational corporations could lead to a bad deal for local food systems.

GMOs Will Not Feed the World

Growing genetically engineered crops to feed the world has turned into an empty promise according to recent evidence.

Reclaimed Gourmet: 5 Takeaways from NYC’s WastED

Five takeaways on the phenomenon that was WastED (#WastEDny) from food waste expert Jonathan Bloom.

Cultivating the Next Generation of Food System Leaders

Food Tank and IFAD are excited to announce a new collaboration using communications to help cultivate the next generation of agricultural leaders.

I Value Food: Preventing Food Waste Begins in the Fridge

Explore the shocking facts about food waste in the U.S. with the new interactive online campaign “I Value Food,” launched by Sustainable America last month.

There is No Such Thing as Cheap Food

Food Tank highlights organizations recognizing the real cost of cheap food.

Chef Rozanne Gold: Cooking Fresh and Simple With Kids

Food Tank discusses taste education and cooking fresh with Chef Rozanne Gold, author of two cookbooks for young chefs.

Restaurant Industry Adopts Better Technology for Better Food

The next move in restaurant supply serves up a better meal.

Seven Questions with Jim Kane of Culture Xplorers

Jim Kane of Culture Xplorers discusses immersive food travel experiences and lasting community impact with Food Tank.

High Food Prices and Obesity in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans spend around 30 percent of their annual income on food and drinks and obesity rates reach 70 percent.

While Drought Rages On, Californian Farmers are Finding Ways to Conserve Water

The continuing drought in California reflects the need to challenge decades-old practices that sought to maximize short-term use of water for agriculture.

Wholesome Wave Receives US$3.77 Million Grant from USDA to Improve Affordable Food Access

Wholesome Wave announced they received a US$3.77 million, three-year grant to increase affordable access of fruits and vegetables in the United States.


The James Beard Foundation and Food Tank are accepting suggestions for the 2015 Good Food Org Guide which will highlight exemplary nonprofit organizations.

Friends of the Earth

SUBMIT A COMMENT: Support Sustainability in the Dietary Guidelines!

Raise your voice to make sure USDA and HHS include sustainability in the final Dietary Guidelines!

Food Tank

RECORDING: Food, Water, and Climate Change: What You Put On Your Plate Matters

​Food Tank recently hosted a webinar with Kari Hamerschlag, senior program manager of Friends of the Earth's food and technology program. Listen to the recording here!

Glyphosate Is Widely Used, Probably Carcinogenic To Humans

Glyphosate, a common broad-spectrum herbicide, probably causes cancer in humans, according to a new report from the World Health Organization.

The Pueblo Chieftain

The Pueblo Chieftain’s Food for Thought

Food Tank has released its spring reading list, which offers lots of interesting titles.

Food Tank

RECORDING: U.S. Food Aid Reform with Oxfam America

​Eric Munoz, Emily Luchetti, and Evan Hanczor joined Food Tank for an exclusive webinar on international food aid, what's wrong with it, and why it needs reform.

Cultivating Equality in the Food System- Danielle Nierenberg at #TEDxMan

Danielle Nierenberg spoke about the importance of women in nourishing both people and the planet at TEDxManhattan ‘Changing the Way We Eat.’

Jamie Oliver Wants Kids Around the World to Have Food Education: SIGN THE PETITION!

It’s essential that we arm future generations with the life skills they urgently need in order to lead healthier, happier, more productive lives. Sign this petition to show your support for compulsory practical food education in schools across the world.

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RECORDING: The ABCs of the GMO Debate: Do we really need GMOs to feed the world?

​In case you missed it: Anna Lappe debunked six myths about GMOs in a Food Tank exclusive webinar.

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