ActionAid Calls for Congress to Reform Biofuels Mandates

ActionAid is asking Congress to reform the biofuels mandates in the Renewable Fuels Standard and stop food-based biofuels consumption mandates.

Support Food Waste Reduction in Connecticut—Become a Food Waste Fellow!

The Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation (BJFF) is seeking a Food Waste Fellow for a six-month position starting Spring 2015.

World Health Organization: GM-Crop Herbicide a Probable Carcinogen

The World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that glyphosate, the herbicide in Monsanto’s Roundup weed-killer, is probably carcinogenic to humans.

European Eels on the Slippery Slope of Survival

The European eel is on the critically endangered list. The UK's Sustainable Eel Group is working hard to ensure they survive.

Safeway and Fair Trade USA Announce Partnership Launching Fair Trade Seafood

Fair Trade Seafood hits shelves in the North American market.

Where is Water Hiding in Your Food?

Here are eight facts about water eaters and consumers might not know about.

The Key to Keeping America’s Kids Nourished, Focused, and Healthy

Feeding America is calling on Congress to strengthen the federal nutrition safety net and invest in child nutrition programs.

Billion Dollar US-funded ‘New Alliance’ Forcing Communities Off their Land in Tanzania

ActionAid is calling on the Obama Administration to end support for the New Alliance, and focus its funding on supporting poor farmers in Africa.

Celebrating #WorldWaterDay

This World Water Day we honor the projects, people, and programs working tirelessly to achieve more with less water.

Cultivating Equality in the Food System- Danielle Nierenberg at #TEDxMan

Danielle Nierenberg spoke about the importance of women in nourishing both people and the planet at TEDxManhattan ‘Changing the Way We Eat.’

Beware of the Corporate GMO Spin Doctors

Companies like Monsanto hope that casting doubt on the GMO labeling debate will cause us to get caught up in the proverbial weeds of the issue.

11 Years of Good Food

The Good Food Festival & Conference is celebrating their 11th anniversary this March 19-21, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.

Unlocking the Potential of Smallholder Farmers

Esther Nyongesa, a farmer in rural western Kenya, speaks about her challenges as a smallholder farmer and how One Acre Fund helped lift the burden.

Exclusive Webinar Series: The ABCs of the GMO Debate: Do we really need GMOs to feed the world?

Anna Lappe will present on “The ABCs of the GMO Debate: Do we really need GMOs to feed the world?” The event will take place on March 25 from 12pm to 1pm ET.

Speaking Up for Limiting and Labeling: Added Sugar in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Will the USDA and HHS implement these recommendations in the 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines to be finalized later this year?

Food Tank

RECORDING: The ABCs of the GMO Debate: Do we really need GMOs to feed the world?

​In case you missed it: Anna Lappe debunked six myths about GMOs in a Food Tank exclusive webinar.

Take Part

Tell the USDA and HHS: Don’t Let the Food Industry Threaten Progress on Nutrition!

Tell the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services that you do not want them to cave to food industry pressure. Together, we can stand up to the food industry.

The Christensen Fund

Roaming the Rift: Development and Pastoralists in Northern Kenya

Studies show that sacred sites have higher rates of biodiversity than surrounding areas, and that intact traditional institutions can support sustainable land management practices.

San Jose Mercury News

Drought: California Agriculture Can Learn From Africa

Over the last few years, this drought has left farms and livestock in California thirsty and farmers unsure of what to do. But these areas can learn a lot about innovative water conservation practices by looking outward--toward the fields of smallholder food producers in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Achieving More with Less Water

World Water Day, is a day to celebrate one of the planet’s most precious resources, fresh water. But that resource is being rapidly depleted.

Santa Fe New Mexican

Preserving Landscapes Will Promote Health, Culture

It is vital that the cultural knowledge of Native communities is integrated into local, national, and global efforts to nurture healthier populations and mitigate climate change.


Food Tank at Bayer Ag Issues Forum

Danielle Nierenberg spoke with AgWired at the Bayer CropScience 10th annual Ag Issues Forum in Phoenix, AZ. One of the first areas she said needs to be addressed is the role of women in agriculture.

101 Facts That Make Us Hopeful About the Future of Food

Food Tank is highlighting 101 stories of hope, innovation, and success, in creating a better food system.

10 Ways to Support the Next Generation of Farmers

Support a new generation of farmers as they take on the difficult task of feeding the nation.

24 TED Talks That Will Help Save the Food System

Food Tank has decided to highlight 24 TED talks specifically around food issues that we found compelling and worth sharing.

101 Global Food Organizations to Watch in 2015

To celebrate 2015, Food Tank is highlighting 101 incredible organizations who are playing a vital part in creating a better food system.

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