IYFF: Community Knowledge Workers in Colombia Train Farmers to Use Mobile Agriculture Technology

Grameen Foundation's Community Knowledge Worker initiative helps smallholder farmers in Colombia improve agricultural productivity.

Great School Lunches Connect Students to Integrated Food Systems

For many children, school food programs have the power to make or break their day.

Workers’ Fight to Form Unions in the South

The South has formed the smallest number of unions in the United States, which has lead to poor working conditions and lack of workers’ rights.

Food Losses and Waste Reduction As One way to Secure Food in Japan

The motivation to fight food loss and waste in Japan demonstrates a strong streak of nationalism and opposition to globalization.

Edible Institute: Bringing Together Leaders for a Better Food System

Food Tank highlight five of the many Edible publications who are a voice for the good food movement. Join us at the Edible institute May 10-11!

Huffington Post

Six Innovative Initiatives That Are Working to Strengthen Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture

To celebrate the important work and the crucial role of women farmers, female agricultural scientists and researchers, and women-led food NGOs and businesses, GFAR and Food Tank are highlighting six innovative projects and initiatives that are working to strengthen women's empowerment in agriculture.

Artificial Fertilizer Use levels-off as regions reach state of diminishing returns

Artificial fertilizer use is leveling off and even decreasing in many regions of the world as countries have started to reach a state of diminishing returns.

FarmHer: A Project By Marji Guyler-Alaniz

FarmHer is a project started by Marji Guyler-Analiz that documents through photography the important role that women play in the agricultural system.

Japanese Professor Uses Fermentation for Soil Enrichment

Japanese Professor Teruo Higa is fermenting food waste—and adding it to the garden to boost productivity.

A YOUng FARMer’s vision

Three young farmers stories are highlighted in A YOUng FARMer's vision.

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Farm Hack Connects Farmers with Low-Cost Tools

Farm Hack utilizes online and community efforts to revitalize farm invention and collaboration.

Farm Hack connects farmers and inventors with a place to share and develop low-cost farm tools and equipment.

Agriyouth Speak: There’s No Limit to Building Youth Capacity

Youth serve as inspiration at the Global Landscapes Forum.

Eight youth share their experiences working with agriculture, the environment, and climate change at the Global Landscapes Forum.

Sunrise Ranch Permaculture Design Course Based on Original Curriculum

Sunrise Ranch’s organic farm lies along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Sunrise Ranch intentional community offers comprehensive educational experience in sustainable agriculture and healthy food preparation; it’s Permaculture Design Course is the training created by the coiners of the term “permaculture.”

Digging a Green House: Walipini

The walipini is a greenhouse that is 1.8–2.4 m underground, relying on the earth’s thermal temperatures to warm the interior.

In areas where the weather conditions make growing year-round undesirable, the Walipini offers a strong solution. This greenhouse allows for growing in cooler climates, and so can increase food security in agriculturally hostile environments.

Working with GFAR, Young Agri-Professionals Become Global Leaders

Young agri-professionals work to make agriculture a fun, challenging, and hip career across the globe.

Young agricultural activists are working with GFAR to talk about young farmers, agricultural research and development, and how to attract more young professionals to the business of growing food.

Stories from IFAD: Tool Offers Holistic Poverty Assessment View

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool (MPAT) affords program developers adaptability.

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) recently released a Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool, a survey-based approach to evaluating program success. The tool, which will also be used in planning development programs, has already had success in Bangladesh and Kenya.

Video: Cultivating a Better Food System

Danielle Nierenberg talked food systems with the Jewish Food Justice Fellowship at the Leichtag Foundation.

Indigenous Crop: Mesquite—Ancient Flour of the Future

Native-Americans were very familiar with mesquite and the flour that it can yield, but it is only recently being rediscovered for its tasty flour and nutritional benefits.

Hundreds of years ago, mesquite was well known for its tasty flour and medicinal uses by natives living in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. After declining in popularity in more modern times, this hardy plant is making a comeback. The flour is not only tasty, but healthy and gluten-free, and the plant is hardy and drought tolerant.

Ashoka’s Nutrients for All Promotes Change in Nutrition, Farming, and Measures of Health

Ashoka's Nutrients for All Program addresses both bioavailability of nutrients and farming practices.

Ashoka program Nutrients for All focuses on connections between bioavailability of nutrients, health, and land management. The organization supports social entrepreneurs through providing access to funding, tools, and collaborative relationships.

AR4D Foresight for Youth- China Perspective

Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research and Development (YPARD) highlights new trends in youth's participation in agriculture in China.

Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research and Development (YPARD) presents China's perspective on getting youth involved in modern agriculture.

IYFF: World Farmers’ Organization Elects New President at General Assembly Meeting

The World Farmers’ Organization members elected next president at March General Assembly.

The World Farmers’ Organization, at their annual General Assembly meeting, elected Peter Kendall to be the organization’s next President; he replaces Robert Carlson.

GFAR launches platform to make agricultural data more available

Open source agriculture data program will help to increase value of data.

Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) and the Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development (CIARD) have collaborated on an effort to increase availability of agriculture information. With the support of the FAO and open source data experts, GODAN initiative will create open source data platform.

Webinar: How the Food Movement Can Help Lead the Fight for a Fairer Minimum Wage

The fight for a more sustainable and transparent food system is inextricably linked with the labor conditions that face food workers.

The webinar, "How the Food Movement Can Help Lead the Fight for a Fairer Minimum Wage," will be held on Thursday, April 10 from 10:30am-11:30am Pacific Standard Time (PST). It will present opportunities for organizations to prioritize the minimum wage fight within their larger goals and help shape a coordinated campaign to take on one of the largest opponents of raising the minimum wage and transparency in the food system.

Don’t Forget Landscapes! LPFN Drafts a Position Statement for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

LPFN has drafted a position statement to send to the United Nations’ Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that landscapes are included.

The Landscapes for People, Food, and Nature Initiative drafted a position statement to send to the United Nations’ Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals, to ensure that landscapes are included in the final language. The document is open to the public for signatures.

Safe, Not Sorry

Getting sick isn't cheap. Regardless, America boasts of having the cheapest, safest food supply in the world.

With millions of pounds of beef, poultry, pork, eggs, and other products recalled in just the first few weeks of 2014, what more can we expect from our nation's regulatory agencies? Just why aren't we demanding more inspections and tighter regulations for our nation's food supply?

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