World Food Day 2014 Toasts Family Farmers

New survey highlights tension between love for the land and trying to make ends meet among North American family farmers.

True Price: Future-Proofing the Economy

Founded in 2011, True Price is a response to the need for true cost accounting in the market.

The Last Hunger Season Film Series and the Importance of Family Farming

The Last Hunger Season Film Series profiles the struggles and successes of family farmers in Kenya.

2014 Food Sovereignty Prize Awards Two Grassroots Organizations

The 2014 Food Sovereignty Prize will honor the Union of Agricultural Work Committees and Community to Community Development on October 15.

FarmRaiser is Reinventing School Fundraisers

FarmRaiser is reinventing school fundraising with healthy, farm-fresh options.

Can Palm Oil Go Sustainable in Indonesia?

Pulling off climate mitigation, like REDD+, and fixing deforestation in Indonesia’s palm oil industry is a difficult proposition.

The Last Food Mile

The Last Food Mile is a conference dedicated to reducing food wastage and losses across the United States’ food supply chain.

Q & A with Sustainable Food Trust’s Patrick Holden

The Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) is a new organization with a mission of working internationally to accelerate the transition to more sustainable food systems.

This Bushy Tree Serves as a Source of Income and Nutrition

Moringa is being incorporated step-by-step into consumer products.

For Smallholder Farmers, Tenure Makes a Crucial Difference in Livelihoods

New guidelines improve tenure security for smallholder farmers around the world.

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