Crops and Commodities

Pearls of Production: A New Tool to Improve Millet Yields

New grain tools allow farmers to thresh pearl millet efficiently, sustainably, and productively, increasing yields and the independence of small family farms.

Flower Power: Saffron Captivates the Senses

Saffron’s flavor, fragrance, and color liven up foods and brighten up clothing throughout the world. It has also been valued for its medicinal properties.

Canada Aims to Achieve Food Security Through Seed Diversity Initiative

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security aims to achieve food security in Canada by increasing seed diversity.

Think Global, Buy Local: A new study looks at the impact of buying local produce on local economies

Think Globally, Act Locally has been a motto of the sustainable food movement – but does it improve local economies?

Indigenous Crop: The Golden Nugget Squash

The Golden Nugget squash, which also known as the oriental pumpkin, is part of the Cucurbita maxima family.

California drought – time to rethink forgotten grains

Campaign for forgotten grain. Will California’s drought make farmers rethink what they should grow?

Science, Crops, and Food Security: Research at Tel Aviv’s The Manna Center

Researchers at The Manna Center for Plant Biosciences out of Tel Aviv University are studying plant traits to improve global food security.

More Crop Per Drop

On World Water Day this year, Food Tank honors the projects, people, and programs working tirelessly to achieve more with less water.

Going Against the Grain to Use Less Water: Rice Farmers Experiment with Direct-Seeded Rice

In these water-scarce times, direct-seeded rice can help farmers reduce water and labor inputs while maintaining or even improving rice yields.

Indigenous Crop: Umbu Tree Provides Brazilians Citrus in the Desert

This Brazilian citrus fruit tree can survive droughts by holding 3,000 liters of water in its tubers. Imagine what the umbu could do for food security.