Food Heroes

Food Hero: Will Harris, Sustainable Livestock Producer Winner of the Growing Green Awards 2014

Will Harris won the Growing Green Awards in Sustainable Livestock Production adopting sustainable practices and making his farm a profitable business.

Victory Gardens DC is Growing Food and Community

A DC husband and wife start Victory Gardens DC in their own backyard.

Grassroots Approach to Reducing Global Food Losses: Interview with Dr. Lisa Kitinoja

Dr. Lisa Kitinoja, founder of The Postharvest Education Foundation, sits down with Food Tank to discuss a grassroots approach to reducing postharvest food loss.

Food Hero: John Reganold, Sustainable Food and Farm Educator Winner of the Growing Green Awards 2014

John Reganold has played an important role in transforming U.S. agriculture through education.

Addressing Wages and Working Conditions for Restaurant Workers: ROC United Makes Inroads

ROC United campaigns, provides job training and conducts research in support of better conditions for restaurant workers.

Windy City Harvest a Force in Chicago’s Local Food and Urban Farming Efforts

Windy City Harvest Program provides food, education and jobs to many in Chicago.

Alice Waters Celebrates Over 40 Years of Achievement in Food Advocacy

Alice Waters celebrates more than 40 years of education, inspiration, and cooking to advocate the quality and benefits of farm-raised foods.

Agriyouth Speak: There’s No Limit to Building Youth Capacity

Eight youth share their experiences working with agriculture, the environment, and climate change at the Global Landscapes Forum.

Six Innovative Initiatives that are Working to Strengthen Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture

Food Tank and GFAR highlight six innovative projects and initiatives that are working to strengthen women’s empowerment in agriculture.

Abalimi Bezekaya – A replicable model for a sustainable food system

Abalimi Bezekaya: a successful model for a solution against poverty and hunger.

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