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Cream Co. Meats Is Reshaping the Meat Industry One Farm at a Time

By sourcing meat locally, the company is working to promote resilience, reduce reliance on centralized production methods, and empower small farmers.

Native Farm Bill Coalition Advocates for Priorities in Farm Bill

The Native Farm Bill Coalition emphasizes equitable and accessible USDA resources as a key priority in the upcoming Farm Bill.

New Report Notes the Global Struggle Over Farmland and Food Sovereignty

A new report by IPES-Food reveals that global land consolidation by powerful actors is displacing small farmers and threatening biodiversity.

Grow Well: Vertical Harvest’s Inclusive Employment Model Empowers Individuals Experiencing Disabilities in Urban Farming

Vertical Harvest, an urban hydroponic farm, is working to bridge the gap in employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Thriving Oceans Create Nourished Communities and Resilient Food Systems

Even though oceans contain 97 percent of all the water on the planet, it can be surprisingly easy to forget about what can’t be seen.

ICIPE Wants to Advance Insect Technology Globally

Nairobi-based research institute icipe is helping to lead international efforts that seek to introduce insect technology across food systems.

Food & Wine Celebrates 2024 Game Changers: Visionaries Transforming the Culinary World

Food & Wine’s Game Changers are transforming the way people eat, drink, and cook.

Op-Ed | Bridging the Gap: Health and Climate Action on World Environment Day

The connections between the health and nutrition community and the climate and environment community are stronger than ever.

For Many Kids, ‘School’s Out’ Means No Food. We Can’t Forget ‘The Hungriest Time of Year’

Programs that bridge the hunger gap for students in the summer months are incredibly effective—and they literally save lives.

Catastrophic Floods Cause Major Disruptions to Brazil’s Agricultural Sector

Record rainfall caused destructive flooding in Rio Grande do Sul, resulting in major disruptions to the Brazilian food system.

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