California is the Center of the Second-Chance Career Movement

The U.S. prison population has been growing for decades. At 66 prisoners per 10,000 citizens, our per capita prison population is six times higher than in 1975 and surpasses every country except the island nation of Seychelles. One in every…

Fairtrade Farmers Spur Big Change in Child Labor

Belize’s Ministry of Labor takes strong steps to address child labor nationwide. Advocacy efforts by Fairtrade sugar cane farmers were influential in the move.

Green Circle Chicken: Bringing Back Flavor, Texture, and Sustainability into Your Diet

D’Artagnan’s Green Circle Chicken, is a call back to simpler times of family farms when chickens were fed vegetable scraps and roamed the farmyard. Heritage birds are reared on vegetable scraps addressing the food waste issues that plagues the food industry, and thereby bringing flavor, texture, and sustainability back into your poultry meat diet.

“Stronger and More Resilient,” the Future of CropMobster with Co-Founder Nick Papadopoulos

Founded as a resource to prevent food waste, the CropMobster network has grown into an online platform for farmers, food activists, and pantries to exchange resources. Designed to “ignite food system crowdsourcing,” CropMobster empowers local leaders to connect communities interested…

The Importance of Young Farmers: Stone Barns Center Releases Two Videos

Stone Barns Center released two new videos promoting its book Letters to a Young Farmer, which compiles insight from some of the most influential farmers, writers, and leaders in the food system.

Food Rescue: Helping the Earth and the Hungry

Boston-area organization Lovin’ Spoonfuls serves a dual mission: reduce food waste and feed the hungry. Lauren Palumbo, the organization’s COO talks with Food Tank about food rescue, the environment, and reducing our food waste footprints.

Sustainable Food Trust to Host Harmony in Food and Farming Conference

A conference held by the Sustainable Food Trust will discuss the principles of harmony in food and farming with a diverse audience this July 10 and 11 in Wales.

New Partnership Pursues Sustainable Rice

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the International Rice Research Institute are joining forces to promote sustainable rice production and improve the lives of small-scale farmers and women in developing countries.

Food Planet Health, New Website Launched by EAT-Lancet Commission

“It’s now time to go beyond adjusting recipes and start to build new and truly sustainable business models,” says Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen of the EAT Food Forum 2016.

Eat Well Global: “We need to communicate”

At Eat Well Global, healthy eating is the motivating factor for bringing together food producers and consumers. As a registered dietitian with a background in communication, Julie Meyer co-founded Eat Well Global to facilitate communication between food businesses and consumers.

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