Census of Agriculture 2017: Sign Up by June 30

The 2017 Census of Agriculture provides an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to influence the future of agriculture, including policies and budget priorities, by giving them a voice.

How Change Happens: Inspiring Examples from Urban Food Policy

Many of us in the world of food policy are excited by what is happening in cities. Hundreds of municipalities are developing and delivering policies to improve the food system. Fortunately, extensive efforts to document them means we know a…

Australian Fair Food Forum: Australia’s Online Destination for Food Enterprises

Australia’s Fair Food Forum is an online ‘go to’ destination for organizations and individuals to easily connect, learn from and share knowledge with others in the fair food movement.

Gans and Zied: Pasta Can be a Key Player in Modern, Well-Balanced Diet

According to Keri Gans and Elisa Zied, consumers should include pasta as a part of a healthy, well-balanced diet that has a low impact on the environment.

Freya Yost on Respecting “Farmers and Their Rightful Place in Our Food System”

Freya Yost, Vice President at A Growing Culture, discusses the potential of farmers in building a more equitable food and agriculture system, with one central question: what can we learn from smallholder farmers?

BCFN Alumni Series: Elena Cadel Talks Communication, Psychology, and Food

BCFN Alumni Dr Elena Cadel discusses her passion for food and psychology and how to build healthier, more sustainable eating habits.

Veterans Gain New Life with Heroic Food: Interview with founder Leora Barish

Heroic Food has a mission to provide sustainable agriculture instruction to veterans seeking meaningful careers. Founded in 2015, the program is aimed at supporting veterans in their transition back to civilian life and providing opportunities for health and employment “while…

Inside the Grain Revolution and the Future of Bread

International Bread Symposium brings together grain revolution leaders to discuss consumer trends, advances in technology and technique, and the socioeconomic factors that are shaping the bread business.

Digital Summit: Creating Effective E-Commerce Strategies for Healthy Brands

The New Hope Network is holding a digital summit on June 14, 2017 to help healthy lifestyle brands and businesses develop and improve their e-commerce strategies.

Grasshoppers Jump into the United States Food Market

Your next protein shake might be made with grasshoppers thanks to a new company, Hargol FoodTech, and their sustainable, humane insect farming techniques.

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