Climate Change

Making California Resilient with Ecology Center

Ecology Center takes on food justice and the drought crisis in California.

35 Google+ Accounts to Follow

Food Tank has rounded up a list of 35 Google+ accounts of organizations you should follow.

Biochar Might Be Ag’s Biggest Innovation in Years

A humble-looking black charcoal could be an option for mitigating carbon while increasing crop yields and soil fertility. Is it too good to be true?

Rescuing Both Food Waste and Families from Hunger

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine provides solutions to prevent food waste in ten cities throughout the United States.

We Feed the Planet Puts Young Farmers in Control of Food Security

Slow Food’s We Feed the Planet Conference highlights the importance of farmer directed innovation.

Community Forests International Plants Trees and Livelihoods on Pemba Island

Community Forests International has helped Pemban communities plant over one million trees and establish agroforestry systems to provide fruit and timber.

Mars Food Commits to 100 Percent Sustainable Rice By 2020

Mars Food is the first to commit to a new standard for sustainable rice production.

Healthy Habits for Life: Minneapolis School Kids Engage with Foods Hands-On

Midwest Food Connection uses both classroom and hands-on curriculum to teach Minneapolis school kids about healthy eating choices.

Community-Based Food Rescue Programs Providing a Solution to Hunger and Food Waste

Table to Table uses community-based programs to rescue edible food waste and distribute meals to hungry families through partner organizations.

Coalition Building to Fight Food Insecurity

Alaska Food Coalition creates a place for its members to share the best practices and methods for distributing food.