Climate Change

Immune to the Shocks of Climate Change: How Farmers are Creating Resilient Local Food Systems

Here’s how family farmers, food heroes, and organizations around the world are working to create resilient local food systems.

Preserving the Seeds of Today for the Food of Tomorrow

“Seeds of Time” draws attention to the consequences of climate change on our food supply if we don’t take action.

15 Protectors of Biodiversity #IDB2015

May 22 is the International Day of Biodiversity—an opportunity to increase understanding and awareness of the Earth’s flora and fauna.

“Global Sustainable Food and Agriculture: A Landscape Assessment” Released at Milan Expo

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is working for strategic and collaborative funding of food and agriculture sustainability initiatives.

California Farmers Use Carbon Sequestration to Reverse Climate Change

Farmers in California are using carbon sequestration to improve soil health, diversify plant life, and reverse climate change.

Ben Simon: Imperfect Produce May Be the Bay Area’s Perfect Solution

Food Tank talks with Ben Simon about Imperfect Produce, a new food recovery project that plans to give consumers access to affordable, ugly produce.

21 Food and Agriculture Organizations Fighting Climate Change

These 21 organizations are taking the lead in the global effort to fight climate change in the food system.

The Ugly Truth: Imperfect Produce Tastes Great and this Retailer is Selling it at a Discount

Canada’s largest grocery retailer launched a new campaign to get ugly produce out of landfills and into grocery aisles.

Waste Not, Want Not: Filmmakers Live on Wasted Food in Challenging New Documentary

In the new documentary “Just Eat It,” premiering April 22 on MSNBC, two filmmakers take on food waste by living exclusively on rescued food for six months.

20 Innovators Protecting the Planet #EarthDay2015

April 22nd is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day and, this year, Food Tank is highlighting 20 of our favorite innovators.