Thought Leaders

The Women’s World Summit Foundation: The Women’s Creativity in Rural Life Award

The Women’s World Summit Foundation is a non-profit organization is accepting nominations for their “Women’s Creativity in Rural Life” prize.

Food Hero: HK Seo — Mass Digital Consulting for Small Farmers

Social-networking service, Avaaj Otalo (AO), connects university research methods to rural farming areas

Cesar Chavez, an American Hero

Here are five critical campaigns fighting for the rights of workers in the food system and continuing Chavez’s legacy for social justice and fair wages for all.

Think.Eat.Save Gives the Tone

The U.N. Environment Program’s Think.Eat.Save campaign is working to decrease food waste.

Food Hero: Ann Cooper — Nourishing Schoolchildren’s Bodies, Minds and Futures

Ann Cooper, chef, author and founder of Food Family Farming Foundation, sees sustainable model for transition from pre-packaged school meals

Food Hero: Sasha Kramer, How SOIL Works at the Nexus of Human Rights and Ecology

Sasha Kramer, Co-founder of Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods, works to transform human waste into growing tool

“I Left Nigeria Once, I Will Leave Again”

One Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research and Development (YPARD member shares his experience with studying agriculture in and out of Nigeria.

A Love Affair with Roselle

Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is a plant of many uses; culinary and nonculinary.

Calling all Food Heroes! World Food Prize Nominations 2014

Who has made an exceptional, significant, individual achievement in transforming the food system? Food Tank wants to know–please share your nominations with us

Feed South Africa: Food Bloggers Create Recipe for Philanthropy

Food bloggers are donating their posts to support The Lunchbox Fund and fundraising to feed South African school children a daily meal for one year.