Climate Change

Andean Values have Promoted Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture for Centuries

Indigenous people in Andes promote sustainable agriculture and crop biodiversity.

Can Agroecology Be Part of the Common Agriculture Policy?

Arc2020 is helping develop agroecological communities around Europe using pre-existing support structures.

UN Climate Summit Takes Steps to Ensure Food Security for 9 Billion People by 2050

GFAR stakeholders have been at the forefront of actions to raise awareness of the potential of agricultural systems in adapting and mitigating to climate change

BUGS Program Exemplifies Learning By Doing

Living Classrooms, based in Baltimore, Maryland, uses a learning-by-doing approach to teach youth about agriculture.

Acequias Canals Irrigation System is Vital to Agriculture in Arid Regions

Acequias traditions of the American southwest manage water irrigation in a democratic community structure.

Louisiana’s Boot Needs Repairing

National Estuaries Week brings together Louisiana communities to participate in restoration efforts.

Food Tank Video Announced as “Best Public Service Announcement” Finalist

Food Tank’s video “International Year of Family Farming,” produced by Greener Media, is among the top three finalists in the Best PSA category.

10 Ways to Grow a Better Food System

When you’ve already gone beyond the easy things, here are ten more things you can do to support a sustainable food system.

Jamaican Youth and Women Battle Against Climate Change

Jamaican women and youth lead the battle against climate change with the help of Ja REEACH.

Food for Tomorrow: The New York Times Gathers Food Experts to Discuss the Future of Food

Food for Tomorrow, organized by The New York Times, will provide a unique opportunity for collaboration on solutions to hunger, obesity, and poverty.