Climate Change

Food Security and Climate Change: “No One Will Escape the Consequences”

A report released today by the Chicago Council, addressing food security in a changing climate, calls for immediate and enduring action from the United States.

Creating Resilience in the Food System Amidst Climate Change

Charting a course for how the U.S. government—in partnership with business, civil society, and international organizations—can advance global food security.

How Melbourne is Becoming a Sustainable, Thriving Food City

Melbourne, Australia is recognizing the impact food has on the health and well-being of its community and is committed to promoting a healthy food system.

Breaking: Climate Change Threatens Human Health

A groundbreaking study, released May 7th in Nature by the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) indicates rising CO2 threatens human nutrition.

Food: A Forum: Addressing Food Security for a Population of Nine Billion

During “Food Security In an Insecure World,” panelists highlighted the importance of working with farmers and investment in nutrition and infrastructure.

Menus of Change: “This is how I’m going to be a leader”

The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard partner for a better food system.

New Report hits home: No one will be untouched by climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released it’s 5th International Assessment on the impacts of climate change.

Cool Foods Campaign’s Food & Climate: Connecting the Dots, Choosing the Way Forward

In the face of a changing climate, perhaps organic agriculture was once viewed as “alternative” deserves another look.

Going Against the Grain to Use Less Water: Rice Farmers Experiment with Direct-Seeded Rice

In these water-scarce times, direct-seeded rice can help farmers reduce water and labor inputs while maintaining or even improving rice yields.

NEW REPORT: Food Tank By The Numbers: Family Farming

Food Tank highlights new research showing how family farms, can nourish the world while protecting the environment in a new report, Food Tank by the Numbers.