Food Security

Fighting Hunger with Fruit: The New Orleans Fruit Tree Project

The New Orleans Fruit Tree Project allows fruit tree owners to donate their surplus harvest to feed the hungry.

Collaboration is Key to Alaska’s Food Security

The Alaska Food Policy Council is encouraging collaboration in its mission to increase access to healthy, local, and traditional foods.

Improving Access to Food to Energize a City

Through its Urban Food Project, REV Birmingham is working to energize the city and promote economic development in Birmingham.

116 Orgs You Might Not Have Heard About, But Should Know in 2016

This year, Food Tank is featuring 116 organizations you may not have heard about, but should look out for over the new year.

IFAD Reveals Inadequate News Coverage of Climate Threats

IFAD released a new report at COP21 revealing the missing links between climate change and migration in major news coverage.

Defending the Right to Food at the World Trade Organization

Trade ministers from around the world are concluding a contentious week of negotiations in Nairobi, Kenya under the WTO’s Doha Development Round.

Ecological Farming Practices Needed To Achieve New Climate Targets

It’s time to support a more ecological paradigm of agricultural intensification.

Making California Resilient with Ecology Center

Ecology Center takes on food justice and the drought crisis in California.

STAG VETS Showcases Veterans in Culinary and Agriculture

STAG VETS is a veterans program and business designed to train and employ veterans in culinary arts and agriculture.

Tackling Climate Change and Fighting Hunger Should Go Hand-in-Hand

Climate-related disasters contribute heavily to economic losses and population displacement, while the world population continues to grow.