Food Security

HungerFree Doubles Up Its Efforts to End Global Hunger

Food Tank sat down with HungerFree’s Paul Newnham to find out more about the growing movement to end global hunger.

The Central Ohio Regional Food Council: Promoting Local Food and Sustainable Agriculture

The Central Ohio Regional Food Council brings together agricultural thought leaders to create blueprints for building a better and more sustainable food system.

Promoting and Supporting Local Independent Farms in South Carolina

Lowcountry Local First is working to promote and support new local independent farms through advocacy and education.

Growing a Community Around Healthy Food and Economic Empowerment

Billings Forge Community Works strengthens the ties of the community by improving access to healthy food, and promoting economic development.

The Protein Challenge 2040: A Roadmap to the Future of Protein

An innovative forum brings together key players to address a more sustainable future for protein.

22 Educational Programs Changing the Food System

Food Tank has rounded up a list of 22 programs, both nationally and internationally, that integrate curriculum into food security.

Helping Farming Thrive in the Hudson Valley

Glynwood operates a number of programs to help farming thrive and ensure its viability in the Hudson Valley region.

Don’t Farm Naked

Traditional cover cropping techniques that enrich soil, protect staple crops from disease, and prevent erosion are being rediscovered.

Using Grassroots Organizing to Protect and Support Idaho

The Idaho Organization of Resource Councils speaks with Food Tank about their initiatives to improve the economic well-being of their communities.

Technocrats, the “Berkeley Mafia,” and Stanford: Shifting the Conversation on Food Policy

Stanford’s Walter Falcon shows how academic research and policy-relevant work can be quite compatible and result in a transformative policy impact.