Food Security

“Grow Your Own and Share With Everyone You Know”

The Growing Project is addressing food security in Northern Colorado by increasing access to local produce into the community.

Refugees Grow Roots in the United States

The International Rescue Committee New Roots program helps resettled refugees grow food in U.S. cities.

This Holiday Season, 3 Farmers Struggling with Food Insecurity Remind Us to Give Thanks

Smallholder farmers in Africa tell the story of what it’s like to grapple with food insecurity, including their favorite dishes to cook from their crops.

Real, Good Food: Chef-Advocate Maria Hines Serves up More than Dinner

Chef Maria Hines is a powerhouse advocate for real, organic food. Food Tank spoke with her to find out more about her excellent work.

Fighting Hunger and Obesity in the Central Gulf Coast

Bay Area Food Bank is rising to the challenge of feeding people and combatting obesity.

We Feed the Planet Puts Young Farmers in Control of Food Security

Slow Food’s We Feed the Planet Conference highlights the importance of farmer directed innovation.

Mars Food Commits to 100 Percent Sustainable Rice By 2020

Mars Food is the first to commit to a new standard for sustainable rice production.

Agricultural Growth Corridors Proposed in Dakar

Senegal may convert large areas of land to agriculture through a growth corridor concept.

Building a Vibrant Food System and Bolstering Local Economies

Wholesome Wave is inspiring underserved communities to make healthier food choices.

Community-Based Food Rescue Programs Providing a Solution to Hunger and Food Waste

Table to Table uses community-based programs to rescue edible food waste and distribute meals to hungry families through partner organizations.