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Celebrating International Day of Rural Women 2016

On October 15, the world celebrates rural women and their essential roles in sustainable development.

Five Aquaculture Questions for Dr. Jillian Fry

Dr. Fry is involved in education, advocacy, policy, and research on the consequences of industrial aquaculture and animal food production.

Eat Better, Eat Less, Food for All

The future of the planet depends on what you eat. On the occasion of World Food Day, the BCFN Foundation launches a video to raise awareness on the strong impact that our food choices have on our Planet.

James Beard Foundation and Food Tank to Release Third Annual Good Food Org Guide

The James Beard Foundation and Food Tank will release the third annual Good Food Org Guide at the James Beard Food Conference in New York City on October 17-18.

The Cookbook Project Trains Community Leaders to Promote Food Literacy and Cooking Education

The Cookbook Project offers an online program that trains people to become Certified Food Literacy Educators.

Food Recovery in Marin County, California

ExtraFood works to end hunger and minimize food waste in Marin County, where approximately 50,000 people are unsure of where their next meal will come from.

Project Green Challenge 2016 Sparks Change

Project Green Challenge consists of 30 days of environmentally-themed challenges to encourage environmental stewardship amongst students and future generations.

Confronting a Global Epidemic of Obesity and Disease: An Interview with Jack Fisher

Food Tank talks to Jack Fisher of NCDFREE. NCDFREE is a global nonprofit that uses social and creative media, and educational and collaborative events to mobilize world citizens and push for change in the battle against noncommunicable diseases.

Promoting Dialogue on Sustainable Food Security: An Interview with Matthew Fielding

The Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative seeks to promote dialogue and collaboration on global agricultural development.

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