Policy and Organizing

New Bill in Congress Dispels Consumer Confusion Surrounding Food Labels

The Food Date Labeling Act in Congress would provide a national-level standard for clear and comprehensible food quality and safety labels.

Eight Countries Taking Action Against Harmful Food Marketing

Countries around the world are taking action to combat harmful junk-food advertising.

Philadelphia Passes Soda Tax

Philadelphia has become the first major United States city to pass a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.

Interview with Hilal Elver: U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food

Food Tank spoke with Hilal Elver, law professor and globally distinguished fellow, on the right to food and barriers in the world’s food system.

Controversial GMO Study Finds No Adverse Effects on Human Health

A comprehensive analysis of more than 900 publications provides a fresh perspective on the applications of genetic engineering in agriculture.

How to Leave Industrial Agriculture Behind

Claiming that there is no alternative to industrial agriculture is no longer viable in 2016.

Big Food Changes Direction on GMOs

Major food companies, such as General Mills and Mars, Inc., opt to implement GMO labels for all U.S. products.

Plate of the Union Wants YOU to Take Action

American voters can take action and encourage the next President to fix the broken food system.

Analysis Highlights Countries Leading the Fight Against Food Waste

A study, published in December 2015, compares household food waste generation trends and determinants across 44 countries of various income levels.

17 Farmer Heroes for Sustainability, Equality, and Defense of Traditions

Check out these seventeen farmer heroes who, from poetry to advocacy, are doing more than putting food on our plates.