Policy and Organizing

The Central Ohio Regional Food Council: Promoting Local Food and Sustainable Agriculture

The Central Ohio Regional Food Council brings together agricultural thought leaders to create blueprints for building a better and more sustainable food system.

Celebrating 20 Years: An Interview with the International Land Coalition

The International Land Coalition discusses 20 years, the Global Land Forum, and the Sustainable Development Goals with Food Tank.

The Protein Challenge 2040: A Roadmap to the Future of Protein

An innovative forum brings together key players to address a more sustainable future for protein.

Barilla Center Cultivates Next Generation of Food Leaders

Alumni of the BCFN network will gather at the Milan EXPO to launch a youth manifesto.

Saving California Agriculture Through Innovative Solutions

The California Climate and Agriculture Network is working toward better agriculture and environmental policies in California and the United States.

Using Grassroots Organizing to Protect and Support Idaho

The Idaho Organization of Resource Councils speaks with Food Tank about their initiatives to improve the economic well-being of their communities.

World Health Organization Study Proves Need for Regulation of Fast Food Industries

With more health problems being linked to the success of fast food companies, the role of government is being questioned.

Small-Scale Farming to Stop Cocaine Production

As Colombia halts its aerial spraying program, the alternative development programs look to turn farmers towards legal agriculture.

James Beard Foundation Announces Sixth Annual Conference

The James Beard Foundation announces its sixth annual conference: Rethinking the Future of Food.

Stronger Together: How Community Farm Alliance Supports Kentucky’s Farming Community

Community Farm Alliance uses community organizing and a public voice to support Kentucky farmers.