Climate Change

    Climate change exacerbates the challenge of plant pests

    The FAO predicts that the severity of the pest problem is only going to increase with Climate Change—calling for farmers’ to enhance their knowledge and skills to best manage pests and diseases of crops.

    Healthy Diet, Healthy Planet: An Excerpt from The Truth About Food

    The Truth About Food, a new book by Dr. David Katz, president The True Health Initiative, digs through the lies and the fads about healthy eating and shows that science clearly shows us that a diet based in whole foods and mostly plants is best for both your health and the planet.

    Start National Reading Month With 21 Food and Ag Reads

    Food Tank is highlighting 21 books on food, agriculture, and environment to inspire readers of all ages to get in on the National Reading Month celebrations in 2019.

    18 Must-Attend Events for the Good Food Movement at #SXSW

    In anticipation of SXSW, Food Tank is highlighting 18 events hitting SXSW this year, amplifying creative leaders in food, agriculture, health, and sustainability.

    Project Drawdown’s Narrative for Climate Change: 100 Solutions

    Paul Hawken’s new book Drawdown outlines 100 ways the world is working to protect the climate— straightforward enough that readers can do it too.

    Opinion | No, Carbon Dioxide Won’t Boost Crop Yield

    Our global capacity to achieve food security will strongly depend on how crops and agroecosystems will be impacted by climate change. Unfortunately, rising levels of atmospheric CO2 will have more negative than positive effects on our food systems.

    How Behavioral Science Can Nudge Consumers Towards Sustainable Food Decisions

    Behavioral scientists want to fill grocery carts, take-away containers, and fridges with sustainable food, without consumers needing to think twice about it.

    7 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ Without the Waste on VDay

    Hallmark holidays are often filled with extra paper, plastic, and general waste. This year, Food Tank is giving you ideas to celebrate love while maintaining environmentally conscious actions.

    Celebrate Hummus and Falafel on February 10th #LovePulses

    World Pulses Day is February 10th! Read about why pulses matter for global health and the environment in 10 of our favorite Food Tank articles.

    Sowing the Seeds of Change: Integrating Education and Agriculture in Rural Nepal

    Join Food Tank in discussion with Surya Karki about his mission to bring quality education to Nepal, and why teaching agriculture and sustainability are key to alleviating poverty.