Climate Change

    To Protect the Planet, “We Need Significant Behavior Change” in Dietary Health

    On Food Talk, Fabrice DeClerck plots out the changes needed in the food system to improve the planet’s wellbeing. The first step: improve dietary health.

    Innovations in Climate Smart Agriculture offer South Asian Farmers Prosperity, Part 2

    The challenges associated with food security in South Asia are exacerbated by long-term changes in average temperatures, precipitation, and climate variability. Adaptation to climate change is necessary to ensure food security and protect livelihoods of poor farmers.

    Innovations in Climate Smart Agriculture offer South Asian Farmers Prosperity, Part 1

    Natural resources are under increasingly more stress in South Asia due to agricultural intensification, urbanization, population growth, increasing climate change risks, and difficulties related to land degradation. Techniques like zero tillage, double cropping, and tools developed by CIMMYT can help mitigate these challenges.

    Betting the Farm: Big Data in Agriculture

    At the intersection of climate change, agriculture, and economy, strategic foresight modeling looks ahead to inform better decisionmaking in agriculture.

    Ecosystem Services: How Land Cover Impacts Nutrition

    BCFN Alumni Matthew Cooper shares his insight into how forests can help shelter communities from food insecurity.

    Three Women-Led Companies Highlight Smart Food

    Three women-led businesses use Smart Food to bring healthier snacks to the market while empowering local farmers and enhancing crop resiliency.

    Cultivating Resilience to Climate Change

    Crop Trust’s Crop Wild Relatives program is bringing together top research institutions, farmers, and eaters to find the best way to boost crop resilience: the genetic material of their ancient relatives.

    Climate Smart Agriculture Techniques Spread Beyond Senegal with New Regional Center

    CERAAS earned Regional Center of Excellence recognition for its research on adapting dry cereals to drought conditions and its plans to expand into the rest of West and Central Africa.

    How One Artist Is Designing Installations for Rising Sea Levels

    On New York’s Governors Island, one artist is designing models for how the city can better respond to impending climate change, which could potentially make more equitable infrastructure for years to come.

    In Bangladesh, Refugees Face Food Insecurity and Monsoon Season

    In southern Bangladesh, where the Rohingya refugee population has swelled since August 2017, humanitarian organizations focus on boosting food security and preparing for quick response to disasters during monsoon season rains.