New Guide Helps Reduce Retail Food Waste at Scale

The Retail Food Waste Action Guide, developed by ReFED and the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, helps retailers prioritize and accelerate waste reduction activities.

Fighting Food Waste over Labor Day Weekend

Residents of New York City will waste 11 million pounds of food over Labor Day Weekend, while 1.4 million New Yorkers remain food insecure. Fortunately, there is enormous potential to recover that food, according to Food Tank and ReFED.

2018 Farm Bill Holds Potential to Reduce Problem of Food Waste in America

Harvard Law report states that Congress could prioritize the issue of food waste through the 2018 Farm Bill, and in turn minimize environmental impact of waste in landfills, create jobs, and redistribute unused food to the hungry.

ReFED Launches New Tools to Combat Food Waste

ReFED has just launched two new tools, Policy Finder and Innovator Database, to help businesses, foundations, investors, and governments tackle the food waste problem more efficiently and effectively.

There are Billions to be Made for Businesses That Reduce Food Loss and Waste

Champions 12.3, a coalition of leaders in food waste reduction released a new report claiming businesses earn USD$14 for every USD$1 spent to reduce food loss and waste. Findings from The Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste incentivizes decisionmakers in a new way.