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Johns Hopkins Report Analyzes the Benefits and Limitations of Urban Agriculture

The authors see urban agriculture as one of the many solutions needed to transform the food system.

To Fight Water Insecurity, the UAE Takes to the Skies

The UAE is combatting water insecurity in an unlikely way: cloud seeding. These efforts may set a precedent that could change the face of the region.

Controversial GMO Study Finds No Adverse Effects on Human Health

A comprehensive analysis of more than 900 publications provides a fresh perspective on the applications of genetic engineering in agriculture.

Monsanto Rejects Bayer Buyout

If Monsanto accepted a Bayer merger, the company would be the world\’92s largest seed and crop chemical supplier.

A Paradigm Shift From Industrial to Agroecological

A new report from iPES-Food identifies the potential for diversified agroecological systems to succeed where current industrial systems are failing.

How to Leave Industrial Agriculture Behind

Claiming that there is no alternative to industrial agriculture is no longer viable in 2016.

Strengthening Solidarity Among Farmers and Food Justice

The Indonesian Peasant Union unites Indonesian farmers to advocate for agrarian reform and to protect food sovereignty.

Food Tank’s Summer 2016 Reading List

Food Tank has hand picked 16 books that educate, inform, and inspire us in a wide range of topics.

Big Food Changes Direction on GMOs

Major food companies, such as General Mills and Mars, Inc., opt to implement GMO labels for all U.S. products.

Is it Possible to Grow Spinach Locally and Year-Round?

How can we grow spinach year-round while conserving land, water, and food miles? Check out this How Does it Grow episode to find out.