Opinion | Global Agriculture Fund that is Reducing Hunger, Threatened by Trump

    The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program has a proven track record for reducing poverty in Nepal and other countries where food security is a critical issue. Now, the future of this program is in danger as the Trump administration reconsiders the commitment of the United States to multilateral policies.

    Opinion | The 2018 Farm Bill Battle Lines Have Been Drawn: Here’s What You Can Do

    Every four years, a new Farm Bill must be passed by the U.S. Congress. This massive piece of legislation covers many different aspects of food and agriculture in the United States—from nutritional assistance for low-income communities to subsidies for farmers to conservation of natural resources.

    Fight Hunger and Grow Food with America’s Grow-a-Row

    America’s Grow-a-Row grows over 1 million pounds of food annually and they give it all away

    Celebrating Food that Tastes Good and Does Good

    The Food Sustainability Media Awards honors journalists whose work raises awareness around sustainable food, agriculture, and nutrition. At a special evening event, eco-chef Tom Hunt shared his experience as a chef and activist and his food philosophy.

    Transfernation’s New App Seeks to Reduce Food Insecurity in Urban Areas

    Transfernation’s app connects pre-existing transportation networks, businesses, and shelters in dense urban areas to efficiently solve food insecurity on a low budget.

    20 Good Food Reads for Spring

    Now that spring is here, Food Tank has selected 20 great new books for you to read this season—from food politics to personal memoirs by iconic chefs and more.

    Seeds Bring New Life during the Ebola Crisis

    Responding to Ebola, this initiative distributed thousands of tons of seeds to the countries most affected by the crisis.

    How to Show Demand for Food Rescue

    Food donation seems like a common sense solution that should be applied everywhere. What could you do to make this become the standard for excess food? Participate in Rescuing Leftover Cuisine’s starting on Earth Day 2018.

    Agroecology: A Path to Sustainable Development

    FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva writes about the importance of agroecology to put forward sustainable food systems that offer health, nutritious and accessible food for all, ecosystem services, and climate resilience.

    Insect Farming to Benefit Orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Farms for Orphans’ founder, Amy Franklin, discusses her inspiration for the nonprofit and its goals for insect farming in the DRC and beyond.