Innovation and Technology

Helping Farming Thrive in the Hudson Valley

Glynwood operates a number of programs to help farming thrive and ensure its viability in the Hudson Valley region.

Projects Emphasize Open-Source Technology and Data for Agriculture

Open Ag Toolkit and FarmBot are democratizing small-scale solutions for farm management through open-source models.

For Farmers, By Farmers: An Interview with WeFarm on their Community-Building Technology

WeFarm uses SMS messaging to help small-scale farmers solve issues around the world.

250 Must-Follow Twitter Feeds For Every Food Activist

Here are 250 Twitter accounts for every food activist to follow.

Food Security After Ebola

In the wake of the Ebola outbreak, West African countries turn to face their next challenge: food security.

Africa’s Agricultural Revolution will be more Silicon Valley than Rift Valley

Young people possess the energy and creativity needed to transform agriculture.

Community Shop Takes Grocery Shopping to the Next Level

Community Shop provides low-cost food and related support services to low-income communities through partnering with retailers to save fresh surplus food.

Seeds&Chips: Connecting Food Sustainability and Technology

Food Tank spoke with Seeds&Chips CEO Marco Gualtieri about the marriage of technology and sustainable food systems, the so-called “Internet of Food.”

Colorado’s Incredible Irrigation System Conserves Water, Produces Green Energy

USDA approves Colorado hydropower project proposal for funding as part of a new conservation initiative.

23 app per cellulari che stanno cambiando l’alimentazione

Food Tank presenta le 23 applicazioni, scaricabili su smartphone, che stanno cambiando il futuro dell’alimentazione