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Ten Restaurant Innovators Serving Delicious Food with a Side of Sustainability

Hungry for more than just good food? Check out these 10 restaurant innovators committed to reducing their impact on the environment by serving their food with a side of sustainability.

Food Tank’s Reading List: 17 Books for Winter 2017

Check out these latest and upcoming releases from farmers, biologists, and food leaders to inform and inspire a food revolution in 2017.

Now Entering the Age of Food Efficiency: Interview with Jon Shaw of Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems

Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems is improving efficiencies along the cold chain to combat food waste and climate change while providing safe, nutritious and diversified food.

What the World Can Learn from SmartSOIL, a Research Project in the European Union

The SmartSOIL (Sustainable farm management aimed at reducing threats to SOILs under climate change) project brought together researchers and professionals from various universities and institutes in Europe to develop options to increase soil organic carbon.

Women’s Rights in Land Investment Decisionmaking: Interview with Celine Salcedo-La Viña

Celine Salcedo-La Viña, an Associate with the Land and Resource Rights (LRR) project at the World Resources Institute (WRI), authored a recent publication titled “Making Women’s Voices Count in Community Decision-Making On Land Investments.”

Year-End Gift to Organic Advocates: Study Shows Organic Foods Provide Health Benefits

The European Parliament’s Independent Research Service released an encouraging report about the health benefits of eating organically.

Baldor Specialty Foods Eliminates Food Waste From Production

Baldor Specialty Foods achieved its goal of zero food waste by 2017 through the SparCs program, which utilized functional approach to food waste by prioritizing human consumption.

Sixteen Noteworthy Food Moments in 2016

From food policies that address food security and food waste, to innovative quantitative technologies, to the celebration of young food leaders, 2016 has had many a noteworthy food moment thus far.

Action-Oriented Research for Jamaican Farmers: Interview with the Winners of the BCFN YES Competition

Shaneica Lester and Anne-Teresa Birthwright have won the BCFN YES Competition with a proposal for action-oriented research on irrigation strategies for Jamaican farmers. Here’s how the became interested in the work and where they’re going next.

117 Organizations to Watch in 2017

As 2017 rolls in, food movements, people, and organizations are rallying to remove inequitable and damaging practices. Food Tank presents 117 initiatives which are at the forefront of sustainable development.