How We Get Hooked on Added Sugar

Young children are eating far too much added sugar.

5 Reasons to Fight for School Food Reform!

Whether it be for our health, our environment, for social justice or education reform, changing school food can have a far-reaching impact.

Schooling Food Waste: How Schools Can Teach Kids to Value Food

There’s much ado about food waste these days. The Obama Administration set an aggressive food waste reduction goal by 2030, five states and a few cities have banned it from landfills, Congress held hearings on the matter, the Ad Council created a suite of “Save the Food” public service ads, and the National Science Foundation just donated US$1 million to tackle the issue.

Land Grab Update: Mozambique, Africa Still in the Crosshairs

Food Tank spoke with JoAnne Berkenkamp, a Senior Advocate in the Food & Agriculture Program at the NRDC, about the problem of food waste.