Fresh Perspectives on Wasted Food in Milan

Apeel Sciences and Food Tank hosted young food leaders for sustainable food, drink, and discussion in Milan, featuring fresh perspectives on wasted food.

New Guide Helps Reduce Retail Food Waste at Scale

The Retail Food Waste Action Guide, developed by ReFED and the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, helps retailers prioritize and accelerate waste reduction activities.

Engaging Children in the Fight Against Food Waste

Author and illustrator Chris Newman is teaching children about food waste and positive body image in his colorful picture book The Perfectly Wonky Carrot.

Dr. Prasanta Kalita: "Everybody deserves food, nutrition, and water"

Dr. Prasanta Kalita discusses his career addressing the need for more food, education, water, health, and awareness, both in the United States and abroad.

Most American Food Waste Comes From Consumers, Research Reveals

The Natural Resource Defense Council have released the second edition of their food waste report, Wasted, highlighting the latest studies, success stories, and key recommendations across the food system in reducing food waste.

Tristram Stuart is Fighting Food Waste, 5000 Meals at a Time

Tristram Stuart and his organization Feedback are raising awareness about food waste, and making some delicious food along the way

A Global Effort to Fight Food Waste: World Disco Soup Day on April 29

The Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) is bringing ugly produce, funk music, and food waste education together for the world’s largest food waste awareness event on April 29: World Disco Soup Day.

Further With Food Launch: Tackling Food Waste Together

New online resource hub brings people and organizations together to strengthen the movement to reduce food loss and waste across the United States.

Food Industry Shares Food Waste Reduction Efforts in New Report

A new booklet from the Consumer Foods Forum highlights successful approaches to measuring and reducing food waste from companies including Kellogg’s, Carrefour, and Nestle.