Food Heroes

    A Ghanaian Chef Feeding His Country and Combating Food Waste

    In a nation with millions of children going hungry, one Ghanaian chef is working tirelessly to stop food waste by redistributing food to those in need.

    Remembering Anthony Bourdain: Advocate, Chef, TV Personality

    Anthony Bourdain, an acclaimed chef, writer, and television personality, dies at age 61. As a fearless traveler and gifted storyteller, his work impacted restaurants across the globe, educated on the need for food waste solutions throughout the industry, and presented food and meals as sources of joy and connection.

    What does a Plan B For Europe’s fragmented food system look like?

    Key food and agriculture stakeholders are working together to develop an integrated food policy for Europe, intended to bridge the gaps of the EU’s fragmented food system

    Preserving Africa’s Cultural Heritage at the Dinner Table

    Changing lifestyles and a reliance on imported food is eroding traditional cuisine in Ghana. Through food across the continent, this Ghanaian chef is celebrating and preserving Africa’s culinary heritage, one yassa, maboke, or fonio jollof at a time.

    Fight Hunger and Grow Food with America’s Grow-a-Row

    America’s Grow-a-Row grows over 1 million pounds of food annually and they give it all away

    Celebrating Food that Tastes Good and Does Good

    The Food Sustainability Media Awards honors journalists whose work raises awareness around sustainable food, agriculture, and nutrition. At a special evening event, eco-chef Tom Hunt shared his experience as a chef and activist and his food philosophy.

    Cultivate a Sustainable Future with Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit

    The Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit is incorporating a new voice in the continued search for solutions to climate change and feeding the increasing population.

    James Beard Foundation Honors Leaders in Sustainability

    The James Beard Foundation recognizes leaders in the sustainable food movement with the eighth annual James Beard Foundation Leadership Awards.

    Katie Rains: Policies Should Promote Healthy Eating

    GRuB Executive Director Katie Rains spoke with Food Tank about her work to promote access to healthy foods, her dreams for the 2018 Farm Bill, and innovations to foster interest in nutrition and agriculture.

    Sara Morris is using Education and Consumer Power to Change Seattle’s Food System

    President of The Beecher’s Foundation in Washington State, Sara Morris discusses the power of consumer demand in changing the nutrition and food landscapes.