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Op-Ed | Sowing Change: Embracing Plant-Powered Meals in NYC

Centering plates around plant-based proteins allows eaters to tap into a plethora of ancient grains, whole beans, and plants for creatively ambitious and culturally diverse new dishes.

The Green New Deal for Schools Empowers Students

Students are advocating for the Green New Deal for Schools that will help to reshape education and prepare the next generation for the future.

Feeding the Future: Newman’s Own Foundation Calls for Projects to Improve Food Justice for Children

Applications are open for the Food Justice for Kids Prize, which is seeking projects to address Indigenous food justice and nutrition education.

Cary Fowler and Geoffrey Hawtin Named 2024 World Food Prize Laureates

Fowler and Hawtin are recognized for their work in protecting global food security and biodiversity.

Yes, it’s Still Farm Bill Season. Here’s What You Need to Know about the Future of Food Policy

The House and the Senate have released competing Farm Bills. Can they reach a consensus?

Op-Ed | Congress Must Pass the Vital Farm Bill to Address Food Security

The Farm Bill is a vital legislative package responsible for funding everything from farm subsidies to SNAP benefits to international food aid.

Revitalizing Seas: Creating a Sustainable Future for Oysters

The MA Oyster Project aims to keep oyster shells out of landfills and create regenerative habitats for the shellfish.

Bringing Youth Back to the Farm in Rural America

The Breakfast Club teaches youth how to raise hogs, making the knowledge accessible to those who don’t necessarily come from a farming family, and helping first-generation farmers pursue a career in agriculture.

Making Big Bets for a More Resilient Future

“People are yearning for a message that is grounded in the idea that we can still do big things together,” says Rajiv Shah.

Breaking the Chain: CIEL’s Battle to Unravel the Fossil Fuel Grip on Our Food System

The food system contributes to 15 percent of the total fossil fuel consumption each year.

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