Project Green Challenge 2016 Finalist Hannah Watts

Project Green Challenge 2016 finalist Hannah Watts speaks about her life changing experience and her transition from a conventional consumer to a conscious consumer and global citizen.

Smart Kitchen Summit Explores the Future of Food, Cooking, and the Kitchen

The third annual Smart Kitchen Summit will be held on October 10 and 11, 2017, in Seattle, Washington. The Summit aims to gather leaders in the home appliance, culinary, grocery, smart home, and technology industries to discuss the future of food, cooking, and the kitchen. 

Join Us Today for a FREE Garjana Experience in New York City!

Listed in The New York Times as one of the top things to do in New York City, the new dance workout fitness experience called Garjana will feature speakers, dance performances, and all-original music.

Kimbal Musk: “Cook wonderfully delicious real food”

Nutrition requires education and access, which Kimbal Musk addresses through outdoor classrooms in underprivileged communities and a chain of restaurants serving local produce.

Alison Grantham: “Only eat livestock that expands the global food supply”

Alison Grantham, Director of Food Systems Research and Development at Blue Apron, discusses ways to improve our food system, from soil quality to the final product.

The True Face of a Farmer

When you think about farmers, which images come to mind? A Growing Culture says it’s time to start challenging stereotypes.

Family Farms Will Feed Farm Aid Concert

Farm Aid’s concert food will “reflect an authentic representation of Western Pennsylvania’s food culture” to connect farmers and eaters and promote family farming.

1 Artist, 365 Days, and 8,000 Products: Visualizing Food Consumption

How much food do you consume over the course of a year? What would it look like laid out in front of you? What about the global consumption? Itamar Gilboa’s Food Chain Project is an exhibition depicting one man’s yearly consumption.

Tune In Next Week: Summit Livestream to Feature 40+ Food Leaders

The event is sold-out but you can still join the conversation! The entire Summit will be shown FREE on Facebook Live all day using a five-camera professional crew streaming on the Food Tank Facebook page.

At EXPO Chicago, Food Chain Project Will “Highlight Hunger and Obesity”

At EXPO Chicago 2017, Itamar Gilboa’s Food Chain Project installation will highlight global food consumption issues with more than 6,000 plaster cast food items on display.