Send a Cow: Improving Gender Equality for a More Sustainable East Africa

    In countries of East Africa, Send a Cow’s training experts share new ideas about gender equality and organic agriculture in order to bring balance and self-sufficiency to communities.

    Erica Hellen: “Farming is our livelihood, but it is also activism”

    Erica Hellen, co-owner and farmer at Free Union Grass Farm, is speaking at the third annual D.C. Food Tank Summit, Let’s Build a Better Food Policy, on February 2, 2017.

    Animal Welfare Prioritized by United Nations Committee

    New United Nations recommendations on animal welfare provide progressive guidelines for an industry adapting to scientific discoveries and emerging expectations of consumers.

    New Scorecard: Olive Garden Gets F for Inaction on Antibiotics

    “Chain Reaction” report from Friends of the Earth details which American chain restaurants adopted policies restricting antibiotics use by their suppliers.

    Protecting Disappearing Livestock Breeds

    The FAO estimates that close to one-fifth of livestock breeds are endangered.

    New Study Suggests Americans Could Feed More People by Changing Diet

    A study from Tufts University finds that a vegetarian diet with dairy products has the highest carrying capacity of agricultural land.

    Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein on Health and the Microbiome

    Food Tank had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, a pediatric neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, naturalist, and author of The Dirt Cure.

    Ten Questions with Jesse Solomon, Founder and CEO of Emmer & Co.

    Food Tank spoke with Jesse Solomon, Founder and CEO of Emmer & Co., who will be speaking at the Farm Tank Summit in Sacramento.

    Extinction on Your Plate?

    See how the Center for Biological Diversity hopes its extinction facts labels will raise consumer awareness on the environmental impacts of eating meat.

    Chris Malloy on Our Relationship with Food

    Director Chris Malloy discusses Patagonia Provision\’92s new film, “Unbroken Ground,” and our role in being stewards of the land.